Welcome to the FormToMailTable.php script !

FormToMailTable.php script is written for everyone website developer with few or no php scripting knoledge.

It is very simple to install and use.

Script will do everything for you. There is no limitations. You can use as many as you want form fields and data will be send to email you specified in nice table in the body of email.

You can use script for unlimited different forms on you page. (just change hidden field headtext that you will know from which form you got data)

In .ini file you can change colors, borders , width of table and also some advance settings which are not necessary if you are not familiar with php.

All important data and instructions is in How To Install section.

But don't forget : This script is written for worldwide use so your html page with form inside must be UTF-8 formated.


Don't forget to put this line between HEAD and /HEAD tag in your page with web form !
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

Don't use script on PhP versions lower as 5.2 !


  • Script is offered for low price that everyone can buy it and use it for collecting and send data from web forms to desired email address, so please dont redistribute it in anyway !